"cop shows are vastly under-rated, bro!"

Overall, I definitely think this was the best episode so far. I know it's only the 3rd episode, but since we are only getting 7, this is an okay judgement to make! What make this episode so amazing? I'm so glad you asked. I have taken so many screenshots for yo...

When the credits rolled, I was actually confused. It felt short. Not in the "I want more" kind of a way. In the "I figured you would end it on something better than useless brother Greyjoy in the water" kind of way. That doesn't leave me thirsti...

Let's jump right into the stand out moments from Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere and my predictions for the upcoming episodes!

You have probably read the title and clicked to this post anyway, so I am assuming you know what you're getting into, BUT... just in case you need any further clarification:  THIS IS NOT going to be a positive review.

If you have been on Facebook or any other social media platform for the past month or so, you've probably seen people posting about this series. On top of that, you've probably noticed that it's 100% a love it/hate it kind of show.

It is my opinion that many shows (even some of my personal favorites) could be condensed to 4-5 episodes if there wasn't so much dead air. That being said, I've given many shows a fair shot to impress me and, admittedly, there are some series that I really love...

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