Hello! My name is Laura Green and I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of California-Orange County. I’ve always loved movies, but my true love and understanding of movies didn’t start until 2008. During this time, there was a string of movies in theaters that were just TRASH. Cloverfield and Jumper are the ones I remember hating the most, but I know there were other ones.

After seeing both those movies, I was just so annoyed and didn’t feel like watching movies anymore. About a year later, in my junior year of high school, I was walking down the aisle of Blockbuster (RIP) and I came across The Matrix. It was a movie I hadn’t seen, but everyone always told me that I’d love. They weren’t wrong. I was so blown away by the whole idea of The Matrix that it became a passion of mine to find similar movies that weren’t the same as the garbage of 2008. I found a string of incredible 90’s movies like The Boondock Saints, Silence of the Lambs, and Fight Club which made me realize that maybe I just wasn’t watching the right thing.

Since then, I’ve gone to school, worked on projects, and developed my personal taste in film. I hope that “Half a Froot Loop” can be a place for me to share my love and hate of film with you. This blog was a long time coming and I’m really excited to make it a reality.

P.S. Don’t text in movies.  


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